STEWARD: Dennis Fullarton 9754 3456

Prize Money: First $10; Second $5

Entry Fee: $1


Please make sure nominations forms are received at the show office, Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday 31st October.

Delivering Exhibits:

Exhibits must be delivered by 9.30am on Thursday 1st November, with exhibit ticket attached. Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted.

Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday 3rd November between 4.15 & 5pm. Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’


• Exhibits that have previously taken prizes at the Busselton Show shall not be eligible to compete.

• Novice Turner – to qualify for novice in class 17, must have 3 years or less experience.



• A voucher has been donated by Whiteland Milling for the most outstanding exhibit in classes 1– 8.

• A voucher has been donated by Bunnings Busselton for the Most Outstanding Piece of Woodwork in classes 9 to 17.


1 Wooden article, machine made, not turned.

2 Wooden article, with hand carving (max size 900mm²).

3 Turned bowl (max diameter 300mm).

4 Turned bowl (diameter over 300mm; height greater than 80mm).

5 Turned platter/Flat plate (diameter over 300mm; height less than 70mm).

6 Table lamp (no shade).

7 Standard lamp (no shade).

8 Turned lidded box.

9 Any 3 similar small turned articles eg. 3 vases or 3 napkin holders etc.

10 Small item furniture (eg coffee table), made from WA wood, max size 1m2

11 Any other item of furniture (max size 900mm²).

12 Planter box, or pedestal, made from any West Australian wood (max size 1m).

13 Any child’s toy (max size 900mm²).

14 Walking stick, made from West Australian wood.

15 Any other turned article, make from wood, not in schedule.

16 Any other article, made from wood that does not fall into categories 1 to 10(max size 900mm²).

17 Any turned item by a Novice turner.



• A cash prize has been donated by South West Steel Products class 18.

• A cash prize has been donated by South West Machining Centre for class 19.

• A cash prize has been donated by Malcolm Paine (The Blacksmith Shop) for class 20.


18 Hand-made item for household use (max size 900mm²).

19 Metal art (max size 900mm²).

20 Any article not mentioned above (max size 900mm²).