Chief Steward – Kylie Hodges 0408 912 575

Prize Money: First $10; Second $5 Entry Fee: $1


Please make sure nominations forms are received at the show office, Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday 31st October.

Delivering Exhibits:

Exhibits must be delivered by 9.30am on Thursday 1st November, with exhibit ticket attached. Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted.


Please collect exhibitions Saturday 3rd November between 4.15 & 5pm. Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’


• Entries are what you write on the form and take to the office (and receive a “Receipt of Entry”).

• Exhibit is the article you bring into the Show. Good luck!

• Exhibits that have previously taken a prize at the Busselton Show shall not be eligible to compete, and any that have been laundered (with the exception of Classes 2) will be disqualified.

• Fibres other than wool will be accepted in their appropriate classes.

• This section is open to amateurs only.

• Exhibit tickets must be either stitched on the exhibit or secured with small safety pins – NO SEWING PINS TO BE USED.


STEWARD: Kylie Hodges 0408 912 575 SPECIAL AWARDS:

• The Needles and Friends Group has donated a cash prize to be awarded for the most outstanding piece of embroidery.

NOTE: All pictures must be properly backed and be ready to hang.


1 Any article on fabric using embroidery thread but not cross-stitch.

2 Any article hardanger.

3 Embroidered cushion (filled) any type of embroidery.

4 Any article in crewel work or wool embroidery, eg baby blanket.

5 Needlepoint tapestry picture – framed (see note above).

6 Cross-stitch picture – framed (see note above).

7 Long-stitch picture – framed (see note above).

8 Any other type of contemporary needlework for which a class has not been provided.

9 Any article hand made lace (bobbin, needlelace or knitted).

10 Any article in tatting. EMBROIDERY SECTION (continued)

11 Any article of beaded work.

12 Any article featuring raised embroidery (includes Brazilian embroidery, stump work and Elizabethan)

. 13 Any article in candle wicking

14 Any article in ribbon embroidery.

15 Any other framed article.

16 Machine Embroidery – Freehand embroidery, any technique.

17 Machine Embroidery – Computerized embroidery.

18 Machine Embroidery – Combination of 2 or more of the above techniques


STEWARD: Merle Worth 0428 714 565

SPECIAL AWARD: A trophy has been donated by Christian & Co for best exhibit in classes 19 to 29.

Baby’s garments must be knitted in baby yarn no thicker than 5-ply and fit a baby under 12 months. 

19 Baby’s shawl. Approx 114cm square.

20 Baby’s jacket.

21 Baby’s set – jacket, bonnet and booties.

22 Cot cover. Approx 110cm x 120cm.

23 Child’s jumper or cardigan, 10 years & under.

24 Lady’s or Man’s jumper, cardigan or sleeveless vest.

25 Knee rug not more than 1.2 metres square.

26 Beanie or Scarf.

27 Doll or toy animal, whole article must be knitted.

28 Tea Cosy. 29 Any article of knitting, not scheduled (wool, acrylic or cotton).


STEWARD: Merle Worth 0428 714 565

SPECIAL AWARDS: • A cash prize from Libby Mettam MLA will be presented for the best exhibit in this section.

30 Cot cover, approx 110cm x 120cm.

31 Any Baby’s article.

32 Children’s or Adult Garment.

33 Beanie, Scarf or Gloves.

34 Any article in Cotton.

35 Toys.

36 Cushion, Knee Rug or Blanket.

37 Any article in crochet not scheduled, (wool, acrylic or cotton).


STEWARD: Kylie Hodges 0408 912 575

SPECIAL AWARDS: A trophy has been donated by Sally Poore for the best exhibit in this section.

38 Child’s Hat – bonnet or other eg sunhat

39 Hand Made Hat 40 Decorated Shop Bought Hat

41 Fascinators

42 Novelty Hats


STEWARD: Kylie Hodges 0408 912 575

Classes below can be made out of Any Fabric

SPECIAL AWARDS: • A cash prize has been donated by Bernie Henderson for the best exhibit.

43 Child’s Outfit.

44 Christmas Theme.

45 Table Runners.

46 Bags – eg.Handbags, Shopping Bags, Tote Bags.

47 Adults Garment.

48 Cushion.

49 Apron.

50 Any Article - not in schedule.


STEWARD: Helen Wheeler 9752 1416

NOTE: - Exhibits to be staged between 8:00am and 9:30am, Thursday 31 October ready for judging that day. - Articles must have label temporarily covered.

SPECIAL AWARDS: • The Blue Box has donated a voucher for the most outstanding piece in this section.

51 Quilt, more than 75cm on each side, mainly pieced, combination of hand and machine work.

52 Quilt, more than 75cm on each side, machine pieced and quilted.

53 Quilt, more than 75cm on each side, predominantly applique (hand or machine).

54 Quilt, more than 75cm on each side, hand or machine pieced, longarm/professionally quilted.

55 Quilt, any size, featuring hand stitchery.

56 Quilt, any size, featuring foundation piecing technique.

57 Wall hanging or art quilt, any technique.

58 Table runner.

59 Christmas article.

60 Small quilt, no more than 50cm in either direction.

61 Bag, cushion or any other pieced and quilted article.