STEWARDS: Glenda Nikolic 9754 2424 Julie Wishart 0438 866 775

Prize Money: First $10 – 3 points; Second $5 – 2 points.

Entry Fee: $1 - per entry, per class

Enteries: must be registered at the show office before 5pm Tuesday 30th October (no late nominations accepted).

Photographs: Must be delivered to Soccer Rooms by NOON on Wednesday 31st October, with exhibit ticket attached (no late deliveries accepted)

Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday 3rd November between 4.30 & 5pm. Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’


• A family tour pass to Ngilgi Cave will be awarded to the photo best overall entry from classes 1 to 10 donated by Geographe Bay Tourism Association.

• A voucher donated by Inkas Jewellers will be awarded to the best photo overall from classes 11 to 16.

• Trophies and cash prizes have been donated by Carol Williams for 1st & 2nd in class 17.

• Champion Ribbons will be awarded to the best exhibit in Part A, B, C/D. SPECIAL REGULATIONS:

• A limit of 3 photographs per class, per person.

• Exhibitors to attach Velcro hooks on to the back of all prints to assist in displaying.

• Please affix your image firmly to your mount with double sided tape (NOT GLUE).

• In all classes the photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor and not previously won a prize at the Busselton Show.

• All prints must be mounted on mounting boards or black or white cardboard. No thicker than 5mm. The exhibitor’s name and address must NOT appear on the mount.

• Size of mounts should not exceed those specified otherwise entries will not be accepted.

• Only one photograph per mount, unless otherwise specified. No Frames No Glass.

• Images may be digitally ‘enhanced’ but not ‘manipulated’.

Please see for further instructions.


Max mount size - 30 x 40cm (12 x 16 inch) Image size - A4 or 8 x 12inch or 8 x 8inch


1 Urban Environment – An image of an exterior place in a city or town. May include people

2 Portrait – A Head and Shoulders or Full Body shot of 1 or more people, taken in natural light. Can be posed or covertly.

3 Travel Shot – An interesting image taken on your travels anywhere in the world inc Aust.

4 Open – an image of anything, excluding those above.


Max mount size - 30 x 40cm (12 x 16 inch) Image size - A4 or 8 x 12inch or 8 x 8inch


5 The Colour Yellow – An image where the colour yellow predominates.

6 Macro or Close-Up – a small part of the subject, showing detail.

7 Forest – A dramatic image taken in a forest.

8 Animal – Any animal, excluding birds, insects, frogs, fish, bugs or spiders.

9 Travel Shot – must contain people.

10 Still Life – An image of complimentary things set up for the image.

11 Circles – An image of things that are circular. Circles must predominate the image.

12 Flowers – The image must be filled with flowers.

13 Rural Landscape.

14 Against the Light – An image taken with the light source coming from BEHIND the subject. It is vital that the subject is NOT silhouetted. Used a reflector or fill flash to balance the light in your image.

15 Open – any image, excluding class topics 5 – 14. Please note there are NO 6 x 4 inch images in adult Part A or Part B or Part D


Max mount size - 30 x 40cm (12 x 16 inch) on the outside edge. Image size – 30 x 10cm (12 x 4 inch) MUST be a Panorama Image this size only. Ratio 3:1


16 Open – A panorama of anything in a landscape format (please note the image size above).


The Peter Watson Trophy In memory of Jean Clayton, a very keen photographer and well liked Busselton & WA identity. Jean was very involved with the local camera club for many years & was often rewarded for her excellent work. She won places in State-wide & National photographic competitions. One of Jean’s favourite subjects was ‘Native Orchids’. Sadly, Jean passed away in early 2002.

Max mount size - 30 x 40cm (12 x 16 inch) Image size - A4 or 8 x 12inch (NO 6 x 4) Class

17 Native WA Orchid – must be in its natural habitat.


Children’s Photography in Section W