• STEWARDS: Office 9754 2241
  • Prize Money: First $10; Second $5 Entry Fee: $1
  • Children’s Flowers in Section W
  • Nominations: Please make sure nominations forms are received at the show office, Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday November 1.  
  • Delivering Exhibits: Exhibits must be staged by 9.30am on Friday November 3.
  • Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted.
  • Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday November 4 between 4.15 & 5pm. Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’
  • Bleach – one teaspoon in bucket of water to keep down bacteria. Does not damage flowers.
  • Carry cut flowers to show in water.
  • Carnations and roses appreciate hot water after being cut.
  • To prevent air bubbles in stems, cut under water.
  • Special attention should be paid to conditioning flowers and foliage. They must stand in water for AT LEAST 2 hours. Material that is not conditioned in this way will not last for duration of show.


  • Ribbons are awarded to Best Pot Plant, Best Rose, Best Gladiolus, Best Exhibit in Specimens, Best Carnation, Best Bowl, Best Vase, Champion Floral Art and Best Arrangement of Garden Flowers.



  • A voucher donated for the Mr Brian Walsh Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in classes 1 - 10.
  • A voucher donated by Capecare for the best exhibit in classes 11-22
  • A cash prize has been donated be Mr Ross Reading for the best exhibit in classes 23 - 36.
  • A trophy donated by Sandra Otway will be given for Best Exhibit Hippeastrum, Class 16.
    All, where possible, to be named. Please place name on a label affixed to the jar for the information of the public.


  • 1 Four roses, distinct. H TS
  • 2 Three roses, distinct. H TS
  • 3 One rose. H TS
  • 4 Rose, one variety in three stages of bloom. H TS
  • 5 Two cuts floribunda/cluster rose, distinct.
  • 6 One cut miniature rose, 3 or more blooms minimum stem 16cm.
  • 7 One cut rose, David Austin.
  • 8 One cut rose, Heritage.
  • 9 Alstroemeria, one stem.
  • 10 One carnation.
  • 11 Three cuts of garden flowers, distinct, flower not included in schedule.
  • 12 Single stem, any variety, flower not included in schedule.
  • 13 Shrub in flower, 3 varieties, one cut each.
  • 14 One cut of flowering or foliage Tree Shrub or creeper.
  • 15 One cut bulb, corm or rhizome, not included in schedule.
  • 16 One cut hippeastrum.
  • 17 One cut orchid.
  • 18 One cut gerbera.
  • 19 Three gladioli, distinct.
  • 20 One gladioli.
  • 21 One cut bearded iris.
  • 22 Four cuts iris, 3 distinct.
  • 23 One single geranium, one leaf.
  • 24 One double geranium, one leaf.
  • 25 Four single geraniums, distinct, one leaf.
  • 26 Four double geraniums, single stem, distinct, one leaf.
  • 27 One pelargonium, single stem , one leaf.
  • 28 Four pelargoniums, single stem, distinct, one leaf.
  • 29 One ivy geranium, one leaf.
  • 30 Four ivy geraniums, distinct, one leaf.
  • 31 Four pansies, distinct, with collars.
  • 32 Sweet peas, 4 distinct, 2 cuts each.
  • 33 Fuchsias, one cut, double, distinct, minimum stem 12cm.
  • 34 Fuchsias, one cut, single, minimum stem 12cm.
  • 35 One cut, South African Proteacae (Protea Leucospernum Leucadendron).
  • 36 One cut, Australian Proteacae (Banksia Dryandra Waratah).



A trophy donated by Dots Pots will be awarded to the best exhibit in section.



  • Exhibits in pot plant section must be in recognised pots, not necessarily terracotta.
  • Pots not to exceed 35cm unless elsewhere indicated.


  • 37 Cymbidium orchid, in bloom.
  • 38 Orchid in bloom, excluding a cymbidium.
  • 39 Pot plant in bloom, excluding orchid.
  • 40 Pot plant foliage, flowers not allowed.
  • 41 Pot of maidenhair fern.
  • 42 Pot of fern, excluding maidenhair fern.
  • 43 Pot of cactus or succulent.
  • 44 Pot of hippeastrum in bloom.
  • 45 Miniature garden, not to exceed 32cm diameter, growing.
  • 46 Hanging container of fern, container not to exceed 40cm.
  • 47 Hanging container of foliage, container not to exceed 40cm.
  • 48 Hanging container, any variety, in bloom, container not to exceed 40cm.
  • 49 Pot of ivy.
  • 50 Bonsai Single.
  • 51 Bonsai Multi Trunks



  • A trophy donated by SDAS will be awarded for the best arrangement of Garden Flowers.


  • 52 Vase of mixed flowers (at least 3 varieties).
  • 53 Vase of berry shrub, tree or creeper.
  • 54 Vase of daisies and marguerites, one colour.
  • 55 Vase of sweet peas.
  • 56 Vase of roses (any foliage, grass seeds allowed).
  • 57 Vase of gladioli.
  • 58 Vase of flowers not otherwise specified in schedule.
  • 59 Bowl of roses.
  • 60 Bowl of roses - cluster.
  • 61 Bowl of pelargonium.
  • 62 Bowl of Daises or marguerites
  • 63 Bowl of pansies.
  • 64 Bowl of mixed foliage – no ferns allowed.
  • 65 Bowl of mixed flowers (at least 3 varieties).
  • 66 Bowl of flowers – not otherwise specified in schedule.

FLORAL ART – no restrictions


  • The Dot Reading Memorial cash prize will be awarded to the champion floral arrangement.


  • 67 Arrangement using five stems of flower.
  • 68 BUsselton Show.
  • 69 Arrangement using Local Native Flowers and wood.
  • 70 Arranger’s Choice


  • Nomination of Entries: Entry form at back of schedule, duly completed and lodged with Show office.
  • Exhibits: The “work” the exhibitor lodges with the Exhibition Hall Stewards for judging.
  • Ownership of exhibits: All exhibits must be the bona fide property of, and grown by, the exhibitor, except in Floral Art and the Children’s Section.
  • Exhibitors must supply their own flower containers.
  • Each specimen and cut to be in an individual bottle - NOT a jar.
  • Specimen roses to be no shorter than 40cm and no taller than 55cm from bench-top.
  • Distinct means different colour and/or names.
  • Exhibits left in the hall after 5pm on Saturday November 4 will become the property of the SDAS Busselton. After that time the Society can accept no responsibility for the exhibits or the containers at any time.
  • Heavy flowers must be weighted down - sand or rocks in the bottle.