• Prize Money: First $10; Second $5 Entry Fee: $1
  • Stewards: Shirley McLean 9754 1682 & Ross Cruttenden 9447 9238
  • Prize money will be available after 3pm.


  • A trophy for the best Budgerigar male and the best Canary male have been donated by Midland & Northern District Cage Bird Society (Inc).
  • A trophy for best Budgerigar female has been donated by S McLean
  • A trophy for the Canary Female has been donated by Brad Demarti.
  • A trophy for best dominant pied (cock or hen) has been donated by John Payne.
  • CHAMPION ROSETTES: Budgerigar - Cock and Hen, Canary - Cock and Hen. Three exhibits before a Champion ribbon is awarded.


  • Steward: Brad Demarti 0407 462 688m & Sane Scott
Class   Class  
1 Normal Green Series, cock 2 Normal Grey Green Series, cock
3 Normal Blue Series, cock  4 Normal Grey Series, cock
5 Blackeyed Self, cock 6 Lutino, cock
7 Albino, cock 8 Clearwing, cock
9 Greywing, cock 10 Spangle double factor, cock
11 Cinnamon Wing, cock 12  Opaline, cock
13 Opaline any other standard variety, cock 14 Clear body, cock
15 Normal Green Series, hen 16 Normal Grey Green Series, hen
17 Normal Blue Series, hen 18 Normal Grey Series, hen
19 Blackeyed Self, hen 20 Lutino, hen
21 Albino, hen 22 Clearwing, hen
23 Greywing, hen 24 Spangle double factor, hen
25 Cinnamon Wing, hen 26 Opaline, hen
27 Opaline any other standard variety, hen 28 Clear body, hen
29 Lacewing, cock 30  Fallow, cock
31 Yellow Faced Blue, cock 32 Spangle, cock
33 Dominant Pied, cock 34 Danish Recessive Pied, cock
35 Any other standard variety, cock 36 Lacewing, hen
37 Fallow, hen 38 Yellow Faced Blue, hen
39 Spangle, hen 40 Dominant Pied, hen
41 Danish Recessive Pied, hen 42 Any other standard variety, hen


Border Fancy

Class   Class  
43 Clear or Ticked Yellow cock. 47 Clear or Ticked Yellow hen.
44 Variegated Yellow cock. 48 Variegated Yellow hen.
45 Variegated Buff cock. 49 Variegated Buff hen.
46 Any other colour cock. 50 Any other colour hen.

Fyfe Fancy

Class   Class  
51 Clear or Ticked Yellow cock. 56 Clear or Ticked Yellow hen.
52 Variegated Yellow cock. 57 Variegated Yellow hen.
53 Clear or Ticked Buff cock. 58 Clear or Ticked Buff hen.
54 Variegated Buff cock. 59 Variegated Buff hen.
55 Any other colour cock. 60 Any other colour hen.


Class   Class  
61 Buff Clear or Ticked cock. 64 Buff Clear or Ticked hen.
62 Buff Variegated cock. 65 Buff Variegated hen.
63 Any other colour cock. 66 Any other colour hen.


Class   Class  
67 Buff Variegated cock. 69 Buff Variegated hen.
68 Buff any other colour cock. 70 Buff any other colour hen.


Class   Class  
71 Yellow Variegated cock. 74 Yellow Variegated hen.
72 Buff Variegated cock. 75 Buff Variegated hen.
73 Any other colour cock. 76 Any other colour hen.


Class   Class  
77 Mutations any other colour cock. 82 Mutations any other colour hen.
78 Red Factor Red Orange Clear or Ticked cock 83 Red Factor Red Orange Clear or Ticked hen.
79 Red Factor cock. 84 Red Factor hen.
80 Lizard any colour cock. 85 Lizard any colour hen.
81 Any other variety cock. 86 Any other variety hen.



Exhibitors must clean spilled seed from cages, please bring appropriate equipment to facilitate this.


  • a) NOMINATION OF ENTRY FORMS will be received until noon Wednesday 26 October
  • b) Judging commences at 9.00am Saturday October 29th. Birds should be benched by 8.45am in standard show cages. Seed to be in cages. Please empty water containers for judging. Access to the hall is from Adelaide Street.
  • c) The Society reserves the right to limit exhibitor’s entries if space is not available.
  • d) Exhibits are to be collected between 4:15pm & 5:00pm Saturday October 29th. Re-entry will be by Receipt of Entry only.

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors and Participants on the back of the nomination form.