STEWARD IN CHIEF: Bill Baljeu 0417 770 014

Stewards: Catharina Baljeu

Prize Money:

Trios – 1st $20, 2nd $10,  Single Classes – 1st $10, 2nd $5.

Entry Fees:

Trios $2, Singles $1

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors and Participants on the back of the nomination form.



a) NOMINATION OF ENTRY FORMS will be received until noon Friday 26th October. Please indicate if opposite sexes can be penned together.


b) All birds must be penned by 8.30 for judging to commence at 9.00am Saturday November 3rd.

c) A maximum of 2 entries per class per exhibitor. The Society reserves the right to limit exhibitor’s entries if space is not available.

Trophies donated by:

H Williams; E Booth; B Baljeu

Cash Prizes donated by

Bill O’Byrne & Associates; Rod’s Auto Electrics & Callows Corner Newsagency.

Poultry Feature Breed: Leghorn

Ribbons donated by: Leghorn Club of Australia SPECIAL REGULATIONS:

Any diseased or lice-infested birds will be REMOVED BY THE EXHIBITOR AT THE DIRECTION OF THE CHIEF STEWARD.

All eggs laid on the day must be cracked and become property of the Society



1 Soft Feather Heavy Breed Large 

2 Soft Feather Light Breed Large 

3 Hard Feather Large

4 Soft Feather Heavy Breed Bantam

5 Soft Feather Light Breed Bantam

 6 Hard Feather Bantam

 7 Waterfowl 

Soft Feather Heavy Breed


M8 F9    Australorp 

M10 F11 Rhode Island 

M12 F13 Light Sussex 

M14 F15 Sussex AOC 

M16 F17 Orpington 

M18 F19 Plymouth Rock 

M20 F21 Wyandotte White

M22 F23 Wyandotte Laced 

M24 F25 Wyandotte Silver 

M26 F27 Wyandotte Golden 

M28 F29 Wyandotte AOC 

M30 F31 New Hampshire 

M32 F33 Langshan

M34 F35 AOV Heavy Breed Soft Feather 

Soft Feather Light Breed

M36 F37 Ancona

M38 F39 White Leghorn

M40 F41 Brown Leghorn

M42 F43 Minorca

M44 F45 Hamburgh 

M46 F47 Silkie 

M48 F49 AOV Light Breed Soft Feather 

Hard Feather Large

M50 F51 Indian Game Dark 

M52 F53 Jubilee Game 

M54 F55 Malay Game

M56 F57 Australian Game Black Red

M58 F59Australian Game AOC

M60 F61 Australian Pit Game 

M62 F63F Modern Game 

M62a F63a Modern Game Black Red

M62b F63b Modern Game Blue Red

M62c F63c Modern Game AOC

M64 F65 OEG Black Red Partridge 

M66 F67 OEG Duckwing 

M68 F69 OEG Pile 

M70 F71 OEG Blue Red 

M72 F73 OEG AOC Light Leg

M74 F75OEG AOC Dark Leg 

M76 F77 AOV Game 

Soft Feather Heavy Breed Bantam

M78 F79 Langshan

M80 F81 Pekin Black 

M82 F83 Pekin Buff 

M884 F85 Pekin AOC

M86 F97 Sussex 

M88 F89 Australorp 

M90 F91 Rhode Island 

M92 F93 Plymouth Rock

M94 F95 Wyandotte White 

M9 F97 Wyandotte Penciled 

M98 F99Wyandotte Laced 

M100 F101 Wyandotte AOC

M102 F103 Orpington 

M104 1F105 AOV Soft Feather Heavy Breed Bantam

Soft Feather Light Breed Bantam

M106 F107 Ancona 

M108 F109 Leghorn White 

M110 F111 Leghorn Brown 

M112 F113 Leghorn AOC 

M114 F115 Rosecomb

M116 F117 Sebright  

M118 F119 AOV Soft Feather Light Breed Bantam 

Hard Feather Bantam

M120 F121 OEG Black Red Partridge

M122 F123 OEG Wheaten 

M124 F125 OEG Duckwing 

M126 F127 OEG Blue Red 

M128 F129 OEG Pile 

M130 F131 OEG AOC 

M132 F133Indian Game Dark 

M134 F135 Indian Game Blue 

M136 F137 Jubilee Game 

M138 F139 Modern Game Black Red Partridge 

M140 F141 Modern Game Wheaten 

M140a F141a Modrn Game Eheaten Blue Tail

M140b F140b Modern Game Black Tail

M142 F143 Modern Game Blue Red 

M144 F145 Modern Game Duckwing

M146 F147 Modern Game Pile 

M146a F147a Modern game Brown Red & Birchen

M148 F149 Modern Game AOC

M150 F151 Australian Game

M152 F153 Australian Pit Game

M154 F155 AOV Hard Feather Bantam 


M156 F157 Muscovy 

M158 F159 Rouen

M160 F161 Campbell

M162 F163 Pekin 

M164 F165 Indian Runner

M166 F167 Buff Orpington

M168 F169 Aylesbury 

M170 F171 AOV Large Waterfowl 

Waterfowl Bantam

M172 F173 Mallard 

M174 F175 Saxony

M176 F177 Australian Call 

M178 F179AOV Waterfowl 

Juniors under 14

M180 F181 Any Variety Hard Feather Large 

M182 F183 Any Variety Hard Feather Bantam

M184 F185 Any Variety Soft Feather Large

M186 F187 Any Variety Soft Feather Bantam

M188 F189 Any Variety Waterfowl 

The poultry stewards would like to thank the sponsors & the exhibitors for their support.

Prize money will be available after 3pm.