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Southern Districts Agricultural Society Busselton Show

Your Society, which is responsible for the Busselton Show, is 158 years old this year.

We would like to take a little of your time to tell you the history of the Busselton Show.

The Southern Districts Agricultural Society has grown from a very small beginning in the year 1861 to be one of the major shows in this vast state of ours.

The settlers of the 1860’s were still ‘breaking in’ new land but this agricultural society that they formed was set on very firm foundations.

The initial shows were a combination of agriculture and horticultural displays and was mainly staged to pay out bounties for fox tails and cockatoos.

The first show was held on land on the site of the old Council Chambers at the corner of Adelaide and Queen Streets (where Jacksons Art Supplies now stands).

It was probably a modest affair and there was no ‘gate’ due to the absence of fences of any kind. In the following years, the show moved to where the library now stands.

During the 1920’ and 1930’s the merry-go rounds and other rides, the favourite haunts of the young people, were set up on what was then known as Barnard’s Yard, opposite the Commercial Hotel, as there was insufficient room for them on the show grounds.

Finally in 1946 the show was transferred to Churchill Park, its present site. In the ensuing years this has been transformed by hardworking committees into one of the most attractive country show grounds in the state.

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